Grooming at Tiffany's
                        Professional Pet Styling
                      Let us Pamper your Pooch!

Full Groom Includes:

* Bath
* Brush
*Tear free Blueberry Facial 
* Blow dry
* Nails trimmed and rounded
* Ears cleaned
* Sanitary trim
* Hair trimmed between pads of feet
* Haircut
*Anal gland expression if required
*Bandana or Bows 

~ Prices vary depending on the breed, size, and the condition of which the dog is in.

A La Carte Services
Nail trim $12
~ Teeth brushing $7
~Ear cleaning $5
~Anal gland expression $10
~Nail trim and gland expression special $17

Puppies First Groom Only $30!
* Bath
*Tear free Blueberry Facial
* Brush
* Blow Dry
*Nails trimmed and rounded
* Ears cleaned
* Face, feet, and sanitary trim
*Bandana or Bows

 Available for puppies up to 16 weeks old. 
( First time clients only; Offer may not be combined with any other offers or coupons.)

Quick Fix
No time for a bath? Come in for a quick fix to maintain your pet. Toenails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, a sanitary trim, hair trimmed between paw pads, and a brush out.

*We offer premium, medicated, and oatmeal shampoos that are included in your pets groom as well as a deluxe conditioner.*

*Is your pup shedding like crazy?! Try our amazing de-shedding treatment!



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